FLIR thermal cameras

Serco AS has concluded a distribution agreement with FLIR Commercial Systems for maritime thermal cameras. FLIR is a world leader in infrared cameras and has over 30 years experience with thermal imaging solutions.

FLIR Systems sells a complete range of infrared cameras for the most demanding maritime applications. FLIR's IR cameras are used increasingly on yachts, in commercial traffic, workboats, fishing boats, cruise ships and many other types of vessels.

For more information, visit the FLIR website.

If you wish to buy or distribute FLIR maritime cameras, contact us on +47 815 56 920, or complete the contact form.




Flir-fastmontertHow useful is a boat on the water under conditions of darkness and poor visibility?

Work safely and efficiently with thermal night vision. FLIR thermal cameras with night vision let you work more efficiently than ever around the clock by allowing you to see clearly in total darkness, locate people in the water more quickly and work more safely than ever before. See more and work more efficiently than ever before with FLIR thermal night vision.

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Flir-handheldA hand-held infrared camera lets you see at night as never before. Use them on any ship or around the house – these hand-held thermal night cameras run on batteries and display the image on a built-in monitor.

HM series II and MS series II infrared cameras give you a clear image in total darkness as well as through smoke and light fog. As they are not mounted on your boat, you can take them with you anywhere.

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