Fishing vessels

Serco supplies equipment to all types of fishing vessels, from factory trawlers to fishing boats. Advanced technology and intensive research have made the fish-finding equipment from our suppliers the first choice for fishery professionals.


produktgrupper-FAR-2117 produktgrupper-FM-8800




  • Echo sounders
  • Sonar systems
  • Current logs
  • Trawl probes



  • Thermal cameras
  • Radar systems
  • Værfax/Navtex
  • VDR
  • Remote display systems
  • Monitors


  • SSB
  • Emergency equipment
  • Satellite systems
  • VHF
  • SafeComNet
  • Navtex
  • PA/Intercom


Who are we?

Serco AS is a supplier of maritime electronics to fishing and commercial vessels as well as pleasure boats. We have many years of professional experience within the sectors of navigation, communications and fish-finding equipment.

What do we do?

Serco AS carries out servicing, maintenance and renovation of all types of vessels, from large sophisticated ships to small boats.

Contact us

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Jarlsøveien 50, NO-3124 Tønsberg, Norway
Tel.: 815 56 920
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