Serco AS


The company

Serco was founded in February 2010 and is a subsidiary of Vico AS in Haugesund. Vico is Norway's largest supplier of maritime electronics, has a solid financial basis and was founded as early as 1945. Serco is accommodated in modern premises at Jarlsø outside Tønsberg, where we have our own workshops, showrooms, training centre and a deep-water quay.

Specialist competence

Serco's technical specialists and competence within maritime electronics helps you select the right equipment for your needs. We focus on making sure that you obtain the correct guidance and service from the planning stage, during installation and operation. Buy and install Serco products and be assured of competence and quality.

A customised offer

Most vessels with state-of-the-art equipment require and offer scope for special adaptations. We help you put together the best solutions to give you the functions you need to assure cost-effective and safe operation. Serco aims to be a reliable partner who can determine the optimum solution for you and your needs. Serco works together with leading industry suppliers to give you the very best solutions and products.

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Who are we?

Serco AS is a supplier of maritime electronics to fishing and commercial vessels as well as pleasure boats. We have many years of professional experience within the sectors of navigation, communications and fish-finding equipment.

What do we do?

Serco AS carries out servicing, maintenance and renovation of all types of vessels, from large sophisticated ships to small boats.

Contact us

Serco AS
Jarlsøveien 50, NO-3124 Tønsberg, Norway
Tel.: 815 56 920
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